What Would Jesus Say To…

Ever wonder what Jesus would say to you or someone else? He said a lot of things to a lot of different people. But what would he say to... Kevin Durant, Dads, Racism, Mental Health or Mark Zuckerberg? You just might discover something Jesus would say to you!

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WWJST - Main-01.jpg

July 14th - what would jesus say to Thrive?

Andy Bernard // Lead Pastor & Nathan Foti // Worship Pastor

Pastor Andy and Pastor Nathan team taught on What Would Jesus Say To Thrive! Jesus tells us that Thrive must keep on being really real, boost our urgency for Jesus’ kingdom and remain synced to God’s destination.

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JUne 30th - what would jesus say to racism?

john butcher // The Building Christian Fellowship & Andy Bernard // Thrive Lead Pastor

John R Butcher Sr, Lead Pastor at The Building Christian Fellowship and Pastor Andy team taught on What Would Jesus Say To Racism! The church has been called by Jesus to choose to start conversations that breaks down walls, give compassion over criticism and Lead with love, always!

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JUne 23rd - what would jesus say to mental health?

jeremiah aja // teaching team

Jeremiah Aja, Thrive Teaching Team and licensed counselor, spoke about What Would Jesus Say To….Mental Health. There's an epidemic of hurt and struggle that people experience in our world today. And Jesus has some incredible words of encouragement and hope!

JUne 16th - what would jesus say to DADS?

andy bernard // lead pastor

Pastor Andy shared about the 3 #DadGoals we should aspire to as Father’s (and really everyone).

JUne 9th - what would jesus say to kevin durant?

andy bernard // lead pastor

We kicked off a new series called What Would Jesus Say To….Sunday was about Kevin Durant. We talked about the decisions we make and all the worry they can bring to our lives. And all too often, we leave God out.  Yet, when we consider God and seek the Kingdom above all else, our lives experience something like we’ve never realized.