How can we make a difference in peoples lives? By doing random acts of kindness, we begin to show what it is like to live out who Jesus is and breathing life into Solano County

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C + U = Community

The power of doing good can be multiplied when we do it togaether as a Godly community. Never ceasing to remember that God created an inate sense to connect with one another. God gave us community to do good, espeacially to those belonging to the family of believers

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Just Because

Why is it so hard for us to do good for somebody for no reason at all. True campassion demand action. Peoples lives would have never change unless Jesus backed up His words with action.

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Unstoppable Seeing

It is so easy for us to become blind to those in true need. We can devolpe the ability to see who others don't see by seeing beyond the ovious.

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