Binge Read The Bible

Say the word "Bible" and you'll get all kinds of reactions and opinions, but how many people have actually read it? Whether you love it or have serious questions about whether you can trust it, we'll take a look at the Bible in a way that you just might not have considered before. Perhaps if we better understood the story of the Bible, the Bible would have a greater impact on our story. You just might be surprised at how you'll want to Binge Read the Bible.


week 1 - what is the bible - Pastor Andy bernard // lead pastor

In this first episode we discover what the Bible truly is, because unless we know what it IS, we can’t really know what it’s for.


week 2 - what IS THE OLD TESTAMENT - Pastor Andy bernard // lead pastor

For week 2, we're trying to understand just what is the Old Testament. It has such crazy stories and a ton of rules. What do we do with it? Come find out as we learn more about how to Binge Read the Bible.


Week 3 of Binge Reading The Bible with guest Thrive Teacher - Jeremiah Aja!!! In this episode, we look at how the Word of God is to Encounter God, Be shaped by Him, and to Participate in the grand story of redemption.

week 4 - How can i get the most out of the bible - andy bernard // lead pastor

It's the final week, week 4 of our amazing series about The Bible. In this talk, you’ll discover How Do You Get the Most Out of The Bible?